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Balos: the “Cave”, Ergina & Amfilissos

Balos or Ormos Koumeikon, is a small coastal hamlet in the south-western part of Samos, with a long pebbly and sandy beach, covering an area of more than a kilometer, protected by rocks that surround the bay.

Balos beach is ideal for swimming, diving, Fishing, canoeing, surfing, sailing, speedboats etc.

In the east of Balos beach, the natural formation of the rock has shaped an opening which mostly attracts young people seeking to spend time under the starlit sky and enjoy a night swim, while in the past, the inhabitants attended the sand dunes where they had sand-baths. The sandy seabed in the area reveals the ruins of the old harbor of Balos, which today appeals divers and swimmers to explore.

In the west of Balos, there are the rocks of Ergina, where visitors can find pieces of marble and ceramics dating from the 3rd century BC and a diver may witness the sunken ruins of the ancient village just a few meters from the coast. Behind the cliffs of Ergina and within walking distance from Aeolos villa, lies a beautiful private pebbly beach with crystal clear waters that contribute to the uniqueness of the area.

The ancient river Amfilissos, distinctive of the area, springing in the mountainous heart of the island, flows into the sea near the Aeolos villa.

Historically, the ancient river Amfilissos has always given life to the area around it since antiquity, today maintaining the local agricultural production and preserving the populations of wildlife such as the endangered and unique in Samos, golden jackal. Along the river, the path leads the visitor to ancient and medieval stony bridges, old watermills and washhouses that bear testament to the importance of the river in the area, whilst the canyons, springs, reeds and water pools in the warmer months, are evidence of the river’s annual revitalization.

The multiple paths leading away from the hamlet may surprise guests who appreciate hiking, for its unique landscapes, beautiful beaches and panoramic views of multiple small islands and islets on the horizon, such as Samiopoula, Fourni, Lipsi and Patmos.

Local Flavors

In the small hamlet of Balos, you can find traditional taverns and restaurants by the sea and with local and Cypriot dishes made of local produce, such as vegetables, fruit, goat cheese and fresh fish from the bays. The charming bars in the area are available for your night drink, combined with a potential night swim under the starry sky.